8 Glasses and More: Health Benefits of Drinking Water

Since childhood, we are always advised by our parents and doctors to drink 8 glasses of water or more everyday. This does not only prevent us from dehydration but it also makes us healthy. Though it may still sound cliché, we should not ignore the role that water plays in helping us maintain a healthy body. Specifically, here are some ways our body can benefit from drinking plenty of water.

Easy Digestion

One of the most important things that water does to our body is ease digestion. Basically, insufficient water consumption leads to constipation since enough water is needed by the colon to soften the stools and make them easy to pass. On the other hand, drinking enough water enhances our body’s metabolism as it helps in the proper breaking down of foods, thus improving our digestive system and promoting regular bowel movements.


Drinking plenty of water is the easiest, fastest and most natural way of cleansing our internal organs especially our colon. While improving our digestive system, the water we drink everyday also helps our body get rid of harmful and unwanted toxins that usually cause diseases. It is also known to improve kidney function and reduce kidney stones. Essentially, water helps weaken the salts and minerals in our urine which often cause kidney stones. Without plenty of water in our body, our body will be drowned from toxins and our health will rapidly deteriorate.

Pain Relief

Water is also known to have therapeutic effects on headaches and migraines. Since headaches and migraines are often caused by dehydration, drinking some water is the first thing we can do to get relief. Sufficient water intake can also reduce body pain from stress and fatigue. Essentially, when there is insufficient amount of water in our body, our blood volume tends to drop thus making our heart and other major organs work inefficiently.

Weight Loss

Surprisingly, water was also found to aid in weight loss. Significantly, drinking plenty of water does not only keep us hydrated but it can also reduce our appetite especially if we drink lots before meals. Also, we often mistake being thirsty from being hungry so we tend to grab some food instead of drinking water. It also speeds up our metabolism and helps our body burn more calories. Apparently, the more calories we burn, the more we become healthy. This is why if losing weight is a problem, we can always opt for something natural such as drinking plenty of water. After all, it is cheap so we don’t have to spend so much on weight loss products or going to the gym.

Healthy Skin

As the largest organ of the body, it is important to take good care of our skin. Luckily, drinking water is one of the cheapest, nicest and most natural ways of having a healthy and glowing skin. Since water is a great moisturizer, drinking plenty of it can treat dry skin and enhances our skin complexion. When our body is well hydrated, our capillary blood flow improves, thus promoting healthier and younger looking skin. It can also help us get rid of wrinkles and achieve a fresh, soft and smooth skin which is also healthy and alluring.