Types of Drinking Water: Which is the Best Choice?

Water is one of the most natural components that your body needs. Thus, drinking plenty of water everyday is crucial to your health. While you watch your diet and pick healthy foods, it is also important to choose the best type of water to drink. To help you with this, here are some facts on different types of drinking water which will help you determine which is the cleanest, safest and healthiest for your body.

Spring Water

Spring water is a very popular type of water as it is considered by many as “natural” and pure.” Basically, it comes from natural spring and is known to contain a valuable level of minerals. The use of spring water is very common in many households especially in the old days where people used them for drinking and cooking purposes. Nowadays, most bottled water claim that their water come from spring. However, when spring water is already bottled, you cannot guarantee the safety and pureness of the water anymore since most bottled waters undergo different processes.

Tap Water

Tap water has been used since the old days and even now that there are many other new types of water available in the market. Basically, tap water comes from ground sources and is used by some people because it is apparently free. However, others do not prefer using tap water because of its taste and smell. Also, some are afraid of its safety because of its chlorine content and possible lead that may come from the pipes. Nonetheless, tap water is generally clean and it can be safe to use depending on its specific source. There are areas where tap water is susceptible to harmful chemicals and toxins while there are places where tap water is clean and safe to drink.

Filtered Water

Filtered water is one of the types of water mostly found in groceries. Though filtered water originally comes from municipal tap water, it is generally clean since the water is filtered to eliminate its chlorine content. Most people trust filtered water because they know that it undergoes a scrupulous process to secure sanitation and safety. Nevertheless, buying filtered water in the market does not guarantee 100% safety since you will never know what was exactly used to filter the water. If you want to make sure your water is entirely clean and safe, use your own filters and do the filtration yourself.

Purified Water

Purified water also contributes to the success of the bottled water industry. Among all the types of water, purified water is usually the best choice for people who want clean and safe water. This is simply because they consider purified water much purer from other types of drinking water. Apart from convenience, a lot of people prefer purified water because of its quality. Some people think purified water and filtered are the same but in point of fact, they are different. Both types of water undergo a process of removing water impurities; however, purified water undergoes additional processes like distillation and reverse osmosis. For high quality, convenience, purity and safety, purified water can be your best choice among all the types of drinking water.

Distilled Water

Distilled water also differs from filtered and purified water. Essentially, distilled water undergoes a process of distillation in which the water is boiled to get rid of contaminants. Since most water contaminants are made of inorganic materials and such materials have high boiling points, they are easily eliminated from the water. However, some chemicals have low boiling points such as benzene and chlorine; thus, these chemicals can stay in the distilled water and may still cause some health effects. Distilled water may be safe to drink but it is still better if there are additional purification technologies used to entirely remove all the toxins from the distilled water.