About us

Waterdelivery.ph is committed to provide access to high quality drinking water to homes and offices. The need for clean and safe drinking water is undeniable. During recent years many businesses went online and Covid19 gave this trend even a bigger boost. And for logical reasons of course:

  • Easier access
  • Ordering becomes visual
  • Often easy to track
  • Provide additional information on the product
  • Added services

By moving the order process online we believe we can improve the Water Supply market for everyone:

  • For the end-user a better order experience, with mandatory checks on certification of the supplier, giving you quality water, following Government standards.
  • The supplier is getting a system (CRM), that helps to streamline their business, give more insights and market their business more easily than traditional ways.

Welcome to Waterdelivery.ph - a more comfortable, and faster way of ordering and obtaining quality drinking water containers nearby your home or office.