• Types of water

    Water is one of the most natural components that your body needs. Thus, drinking plenty of water everyday is crucial to your health. While you watch your diet and pick healthy foods, it is also important to choose the best type of water to drink. To help you with this, here are some facts on different types of drinking water which will help you determine which is the cleanest, safest and healthiest for your body.

  • 8 Glasses and more

    Since childhood, we are always advised by our parents and doctors to drink 8 glasses of water or more everyday. This does not only prevent us from dehydration but it also makes us healthy. Though it may still sound cliché, we should not ignore the role that water plays in helping us maintain a healthy body. Specifically, here are some ways our body can benefit from drinking plenty of water.

  • Smart Tips on How to Use Water for your Baby

    Taking care of a baby or an infant is truly a daunting task. As a parent, you always have to consider your baby’s health and safety especially when feeding them. Though babies require breastfeeding, some mothers unluckily don’t have enough breast milk to feed their babies. Thus, they feed them with formula milk as an alternative. With this, parents must use water to make formula milk. Apparently, it is important to be wary of the type of water that you’re going to use. As your guide, follow these tips on how to use water safely for your baby.

  • Filtered Water vs Bottled Water

    Being cautious about the water you drink is crucial. Apart from the foods you eat everyday, it is also important to know what comprises the water you drink and how it can affect your health. Two of the most popular types of drinking water nowadays are filtered water and bottled water. Basically, bottled water comes from different sources while filtered water is originally tap water which undergoes a process of filtration or removing chemicals and toxins from the water. While filtered water can also be bottled, they are still very different in some factors.

  • Is it Safe to Reuse Plastic Bottles

    Recycling is good but it is not ideal if you are going to compromise your health and safety. This is particularly relevant if you are thinking about reusing plastic bottles. Bottled water is very popular nowadays and some of its consumers reuse and refill them as a form of recycling. Before they reuse the bottles, they wash it with hot water and soap to make sure they are clean. Nonetheless, cleaning the bottles is not a guarantee that they are safe to use. Whether you want to save or just help protect the environment, it is still important to consider your health and safety before you reuse plastic bottles.

  • Tap Water vs. Bottled Water: Important Facts on the Water you drink

    In the old days, people were used to drinking water from the faucet which is called tap water. However, nowadays, tap water has been replaced by bottled water as it is more convenient especially for people who work and travel often. Nonetheless, it is still a big question whether bottled water is better than tap water and vice versa. Since people need to consume plenty of water everyday, it is important to know how safe and clean the water you are drinking. To help you decide which kind of water to drink, here are some facts on both tap water and bottled water.